Shenzhen – The garden city

It will not fair if i do not mention about Shenzhen in my journey.

It is not the first place that i’ve had visit but it is the place that i’m staying. Three years, and more, if it’s enough for a love. We, Vietnamese, have a word “khi ta ở chỉ là nơi đất ở, khi ta đi đất bỗng hoá tâm hồn” which means that a place is just a place where you stay but it will become a part of your soul when you say goodbye to it. The same thing is happening to me when i’m leaving this city.

Back to three years ago, the first time i’ve arrived to Shenzhen, I did impress not because of the modern constructions but the green of the city, Shenzhen was and is always a garden.  I loved the streets with trees, flowers.


And now, after three years here, i loved my co-workers and friends who be my friends, my teachers. Whatever people says about Chinese, i’m lucky to meet very nice people here.

Of course,  I’d like to share my thoughts about Shenzhen, good or bad, all are the nice memories to me.

Shenzhen, the garden city, wherever you stay, you will easy to find a tree and enjoy its shadow in a sunny day. The green cover the whole city even out there are a lot of high building and modern constructions.


Shenzhen, the city of smiles, whenever whatever wherever you also find it on everybody here.


Shenzhen, the heaven of fake things, where you are very easy to looking for a fake iphone, a fake gucci bag … And even a fake building, you could find here a Great Wall  or the Eiffel Tower …,  which i want to mention are located in the “Splendid China” and “Window of the World” parks .


Shenzhen, the united nation city, you may have chance to meet people not only from all provinces of China but also from other countries in the world who comes to Shenzhen to work or even start their new life.

And a 30 years old city, Shenzhen will impress every one who visit it by the beauty of combination of modern life and the natural, the diversity of cultures and the friendly of the people.

One again, i’d like to say thanks to Shenzhen for your welcome, your care and your smiles. I’ll continue my journey at other city but you, Shenzhen, always a nice stop in my life.


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